Older video games and consoles are gaining in popularity

Old-generation consoles and games for them are the hottest sector in the second-hand market at the moment. Both the classified ad site 2ememain.be and the chain of storesTroc.com recorded a 25% increase in demand compared to last year. Among the “old” consoles, the most popular are the Nintendo NES, PlayStation 2 and Nintendo SNES.

It’s worth climbing into the attic or down to the cellar looking for an old Nintendo NES, Sega system or GameBoy. A copy of the latter in its original packaging can bring back up to 80 euros on 2ememain.be. A game, still in its original packaging, can earn you up to 30 euros and, for a NES, in its box, your wallet will grow by an average of 120 euros.

Petra Baeck, spokesperson for 2ememain.be: “Many old consoles and video games will remain forever etched in the collective memory. More and more Belgians are interested in their roots and are looking for an old Atari, … or Sega Mega Drive. The attractiveness of the price clearly plays a role, but the main motivation comes from the attraction for the simplicity of older video games. Retro games like Tetris, Pacman or Duck Hunt are less complex than the new titles and allow you to dive directly into them. The nostalgia associated with fun and relaxation!”.


In June, views on the consoles of yesteryear (122,709, generations 1 to 5 included) on 2ememain.be represented 15% of all ad views on video game consoles (828,912 views). Advertisements dedicated to retro games (generation 1 to 5) were even stronger: still in June, they generated 141,917 views, or nearly 22% of the total number of game ads (650,217 views).

Troc.com, the largest second-hand retail chain in Belgium, confirms this trend. A recent survey on the second-hand market[i] carried out by the channel shows that 43% of Belgians bought at least one second-hand product last year. A fifth of them were video games, CDs or DVDs.

“For a long time now, we have been seeing a strong interest in old games and consoles, driven by a wind of nostalgia,” explains Pierre Boseret, Managing Director of Troc.com Belux. Since we offer our customers the possibility of obtaining direct cash payment for their second-hand goods, gaming fans are increasingly present in our 29 stores: up to 35% more than a year ago. Not surprisingly, the most passionate among the “retrogamers” are in their thirties or forties. That’s a few years more than the fans of the latest generations of consoles.

Newer consoles and their games are also very present on the second-hand market: every time a new game is launched on the market, 2ememain.be and Troc.com, for example, record more offers for its previous versions.